• September 2023 Report

    Lakeland Readers Are Leaders

    On September 20, all Lakeland students picked out a high interest book to read and keep for their personal library. We know that kids are more likely to read if the content is interesting to them. We ask that parents encourage their students to read 20-30 minutes each night. Lakeland Readers are Leaders is funded through donations from businesses and community members.

    Lakeland to Host Annual Title I Meeting

    On Thursday, September 28, Lakeland will hold our annual Title I meeting. The meeting will provide parents with an opportunity to learn about Title I of No Child Left Behind. We will talk about Lakeland's Title I program, the curriculum at Lakeland, the assessments used, what they mean, and activities parents can do at home to help their children.

    Lakeland Celebrates Constitution Day

    Lakeland celebrated Constitution Day on Monday, September 18. All classes participated in activities to help students learn more about the Constitution.

    Lakeland 4th Grade Classes Visit Lansing

    On September 19th, students in Mrs. AcMoody, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Janas, and Mrs. Smith's homeroom classrooms visited the Michigan Historical Museum and our Capitol in Lansing. On September 21st, students in Mrs. Dibert, Ms. Fedore and Mrs. Howell's home classrooms visited the Michigan Historical Museum and our Capital in Lansing.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Gary Dancer, Principal
    Lakeland Elementary School