• January 2022

    From The Principal's Desk

    I'm happy to welcome everyone back from winter break! 2022 will prove to be another great one for Jefferson! Our students are showing excellent progress, and we will do everything we can to ensure this continues.

    Winter weather always poses a challenge during this month. We are still using our Cardinal Borrow & Share, which is located by the recess doors, to ensure all kids have warm coats, snow pants, and boots. We are taking donations if you would like to contribute. If your child is in need of any winter items, please contact our office.

    Please keep in mind that we need you to call into the office before 3:15 PM if you are changing your child's dismissal routine. We try our best to keep everyone safe.

    Thank you for being involved in your child's work, as they show you all the amazing work they can do!

    As always, my door is open and I welcome your feedback. Thank you for all you do for our students!

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    Mission Statement

    Coldwater Community Schools provides a supportive and challenging learning environment where every student is prepared to succeed in a global community.

    Vision Statement

    Making a world of difference for our students - Every student...Every way...Every day!

    Winter Gear

    Please make sure your child has a coat, hat, and gloves when appropriate. We will go outside for recess on most days. We will stay inside if the temperature or wind chill is at or below 10°. When it snows, students need to have waterproof snow boots and may want snow pants if they wish to play in areas where there is snow.

    Report Cards

    Report cards will be sent home on Friday, January 21. Third marking period is 1/17/2022 througu 3/18/2022.

    Illness Reminder

    If your child is not feeling well, has either tested positive, or is a close contact to someone who is positive, please call our office.

    Great Attendance: An Essential Skill

    In order to learn and grow, students need to be at school. Good attendance in school is not only critical for skill development in students, but it is also establishing good work habits that can be seen throughout life. Michigan State Compulsory Education laws mandate regular and consistent school attendance unless there is a significant medical reason provided to the school. If your child is ill and cannot attend school, please call the Jefferson office at 517-279-5970 by 9 AM. Children also should learn the importance of arriving to school on time. Some of the most important directions of the day occur in the first few minutes. Children who are ready, seated, and waiting for instructions are learning more day by day. Children arriving at school 30 minutes or more after the beginning of the day, 8:35 AM, will be counted as absent for the first half of the day. Likewise, students leaving 30 minutes or more before the end of the day, 3:45 PM, will be counted absent for the last half of the day.

    Social Worker's Corner: Helping Children Cope with "Big Feelings"

    Children have the same big feelings that adults do. Because they do not have the same experience we have coping with their emotions, they need help dealing with fear, anxiety, and anger. Here are some tips:

    • Name the feeling Help your child figure out which feeling they are having. Putting a name to it can help validate their experience.
    • Normalize the feeling Explain that everyone has these feelings sometimes, and we all have to learn how to manage them. Assure them that adults can help them learn to manage their feel-ings so that no one gets hurt or into trouble.
    • Practice self-regulation skills When children are calm, their thinking brain is on (as is true for adults). This is the best time to make a plan with them for when their "emotional brain" tries to take over. Encourage taking a break, deep breathing, releasing angry energy through exercise, listening to music, or coloring.

    Helping your child recognize and name their feelings can help them learn self-regulation skills and feel successful managing their behavior.

    ELL News

    We will begin taking the WIDA test next month. They will be tested in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Mrs. Reichhart will be pulling students to set goals for improving their scores this year. Please discuss the importance of this test with your child/children and remind them to do their best on the test. One way you can help your child is to make sure they get a good night's sleep so they are at their best when they test. Thank you for supporting your child's education.

    Making Predictions While Reading

    As adult readers, we make predictions often without even realizing it. We do it when we watch movies, read a book, or hear someone tell us a story. It is a way of focusing our attention and motivating us to want to learn more. Children benefit from predicting in the same way; having a child make predictions while reading a text is a great way to get them to want to read more to see if their prediction is correct. Therefore, it is important that we guide them to not only predict what will happen, but to also confirm their predictions.

    To predict, readers tell what they think will happen in the story. They use background knowledge, picture clues, and other details in the text to make a prediction. To confirm, readers find out if their predictions were true, partially true, or way off. Using this strategy gives readers the chance to make connections to the text, think ahead, and become more engaged.

    Try making predictions next time you are reading with or to your child and see if this helps to motivate them to keep reading.

    Cardinal Clubs

    Jan 18-28: Bucket Drumming, Basketball, Bead Making, & Building

    Jan 31-Feb 11: Bucket Drumming, Floor Hockey, Bead Making, & Building

    Feb 14-25: Bucket Drumming, Floor Hockey, Weaving, & Building

    Feb. 28-Mar. 11: Board Games and Puzzles, Tennis, Weaving, & STEM Bins


    Early Release: Students are released at 2:20 PM on Wednesdays (exceptions will be noted).

    Student Absences: Call the office at 517-279-5970 before 9 AM.

    Before School: Please remember that drop off in the morning is at 8:05 AM. We do not have staff available before 8:05 AM to supervise. Thank you!

    Student Dismissal: No child may change his/her usual method of transportation home from school without a written note or a phone call from a parent. Please call before 3 PMif you are changing their usual method of transportation.

    Remind: Sign up for Jefferson's Remind: Text @ccsjeff to the number 81010.


    • Jan. 13 & 14: HALF DAY OF CLASSES; Dismissal at 11:55 AM; Records Day in PM
    • Jan. 17: NO CLASSES - Professional Development Day
    • Feb. 14: Valentine's Day; information about classroom parties will come from your child's teacher
    • Feb. 18: HALF DAY OF CLASSES; Dismissal at 11:55 AM; Professional Development in PM
    • Feb. 21: NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day