• October 2019

    From The Principal's Desk

    October is an eventful month, learning is in full swing, and fall is in the air. We are thrilled to be a part of your child's education during this exciting time.

    We have focus time started in each grade level for reading and math. This is a time where students are placed to meet with teachers based on their individual needs. We work on identifying specific goals for your child and progress monitor so that we are aware of what is working and what needs to be changed.

    It was exciting to have so many families here for Wonder Night and those who were unable to attend, teachers will share the student data at conferences. My door is open, and I welcome comments, con-cerns, and questions. Thank you for all you do for our students.

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    Mission Statement

    Coldwater Community Schools provides a supportive and challenging learning environment where every student is prepared to succeed in a global community.

    Vision Statement

    Making a world of difference for our students - Every student...Every way...Every day!

    Jefferson Pride

    We are so EXCITED to share that we have added picking out a new book as part of our Jefferson Pride ticket exchange. Students earn tickets by being respectful, responsible, and safe. We had two students receive NEW books that they wanted!

    Reading Focus

    Here are some strategies to en-courage your child if they get stuck on a word.

    • Ask "What would make sense?" (Check the picture)
    • Ask "Do you see a part (chunk) of the word you know?"

    Have them re-read the sentence.

    Math Focus

    We've been working on identifying and counting coins. Have your child practice sorting coins, then have them name the coin and its value. You can also have them practice counting the coins.

    Parent Survey

    We WANT your feedback. Please take a moment to fill out the parent survey posted on the district website from 10-11-19 to 10-25-19. Thank you for taking time to give us feedback to help us make improvements for our students!

    Great Attendance: An Essential Skill

    In order to learn and grow, students need to be at school. Good attendance in school is not only critical for skill development in students, but it is also establishing good work habits that can be seen throughout life. Michigan State Compulsory Education laws mandate regular and consistent school attendance unless there is a significant medical reason provided to the school. If your child is ill and cannot attend school, please call the Jefferson office at 517-279-5970 by 9 AM. Children also should learn the importance of arriving to school on time. Some of the most important directions of the day occur in the first few minutes. Children who are ready, seated, and waiting for instructions are learning more day by day. Children arriving at school 30 minutes or more after the beginning of the day, 8:35 AM, will be counted as absent for the first half of the day. Likewise, students leaving 30 minutes or more before the end of the day, 3:45 PM, will be counted absent for the last half of the day.

    Students who have 5 or fewer absences for the school year will receive special recognition as part of our Strive For Five Challenge. We want to partner with you, and if we can help please let us know.

    Social Worker's Corner

    School success goes hand in hand with good attendance!

    Missing just 10% (or about 18 days a year) can make it harder for kids to learn to read and cause them to fall behind.

    Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school - and themselves. Building this habit early will help students succeed all the way through school and into adult life. Every day is important!

    What you can do:

    1. Set a regular bedtime.
    2. Lay out clothes and backpacks the night before.
    3. Don't let your child stay home unless truly sick.
    4. Avoid extended trips when school is in session.
    5. If your child is anxious about coming to school, talk to the teacher or school social worker about ideas and support for your child to help him or her feel more comfortable and excited about school.


    Our session on October 16 will include lessons on fire safety.

    Box Tops for Education

    Please send in your Box Tops to support Jefferson! Each month, the box tops will be collected and counted.

    Boosters Corner

    Thank You to everyone who purchased from our fall fundraiser, or participated in the buyout. We appreciate your support!

    Our Fall Book Fair will be the week of Oct. 28-Nov.1. Hours will be announced at a later date.

    Want to help? Become friends with ColdwaterCardinals ElementaryBoosters on Facebook or email us at coldwatercardinalselemenboosters@gmail.com to learn more.

    ELL News


    Visit the library to check out books that interest your child so they get a chance to read for enjoyment.

    Encourage your child to read everyday.

    Get audio books and videos in English so your child can incorporate a variety of English into their home activities.

    Starting Smarter

    You are the expert on your child. Over the course of the school year, you receive lots of information on how your child is performing in school that combine to give you a more complete picture of your child's academic progress. In addition to report card grades and class tests, you can use test score reports to better understand your child's strengths and areas in need of improvement to start a meaningful conversation with your child's teacher about how to better support learning at home. Please take some time and check out this website:


    ...to give you ideas to understand the score report and areas, check out test questions, and additional free resources available to support your child's learning. This site will be helpful to parents.

    Cardinal Club

    Oct. 7-17: Yoga, Soccer, LEGO, Clay

    Oct. 21-31: Yoga, Tennis, LEGO, Clay

    Nov. 4-14: Yoga, Tennis, Painting, Coding

    Nov. 18-26: Choir, Basketball, Painting, LEGO

    Jefferson Reminders

    Student Absences: Call the office at 517-279-5970 before 9 AM.

    Before School: Please remember that drop off in the morning is at 8 AM. We do not have staff available before 8 AM to supervise. Thank you!

    Student Dismissal: No child may change his/her usual method of transportation home from school without a written note or a phone call from a parent. Please call before 3:15 PM if you are changing their usual method of transportation.


    • Oct. 1: Deadline for free/reduced lunch applications. If you need one, please contact the office.
    • Oct. 16: Picture Retake Day
    • Oct. 16: Adopt-A-Cop
    • Oct. 16: Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Oct. 17: Popcorn Day
    • Oct. 17: HALF-DAY - Dismissal at 12:05 PM; Afternoon and Evening Conferences
    • Oct. 18: NO SCHOOL - Professional Development
    • Oct. 28-Nov 1: Book Fair
    • Oct. 30: Goodies with Grandparents
    • Oct. 31: Halloween Parade to the Laurels of Coldwater at 9:15 AM. Teachers will let you know their Halloween party time.
    • Nov. 1: Popcorn Day
    • Nov. 8: Veteran's Day Celebration