• March 2020

    From The Principal's Desk

    Our winter has been rather mild. If you are like me, I'm still anxiously awaiting spring and the beautiful sunshine!

    This is a very exciting month at Jefferson. Our theme is Superheroes. Each classroom is decorating with a different superhero. We have lots of activities planned so please refer to the calendar as we navigate through the month.

    The kids are excited and pumped about the read-a-thon. The money raised will allow us to buy more books and literacy supplies for the classrooms.

    Wings Etc. is offering a program for students who read 10 books to get a free meal. The class that gets the most free meals will EARN a FREE LUNCH for the ENTIRE classroom.

    As always, my door is open and I welcome your feedback! Thank you for all you do for out students!

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    Mission Statement

    Coldwater Community Schools provides a supportive and challenging learning environment where every student is prepared to succeed in a global community.

    Vision Statement

    Making a world of difference for our students - Every student...Every way...Every day!

    Reading News

    When you are reading with your child, it's important to discuss the book to help them with their comprehension.

    One tool you can use to help them retell what happened in the book is the Five Finger retell. The reader retells the story using their fingers and thumb on one hand. They think about the following elements of the story.

    1. Characters - Who were the main characters?
    2. Setting - Where did the story take place?
    3. Problem - What was the problem in the story? How did it get solved?
    4. Events - What happened in the story?
    5. Ending - How did the story end?

    Have a good time digging deeper into the story with your child!

    Math News - Supporting Productive Struggle

    Productive struggle is one of the eight most effective math teaching practices. Productive struggle means working hard at something that's difficult to do, persevering when the going gets tough, and making progress. Students don't learn from being told what to do or watching someone else do it for them; they learn by practicing the math with support. So the next time your child is having trouble, try the following:

    1. Question: Ask What have you already tried? What are you doing now? What else could you try?
    2. Encourage: Encourage students to try something different or to reflect on the work they have done so fat.
    3. Give Time: Give your child to figure out the problem on their own, don’t jump in too quickly. This sends the message that you believe in their ability to solve the problems independently.
    4. Acknowledge:  Acknowledge your child’s efforts, let them know you are proud of their work and effort.

    Social Worker's Corner

    Helping Children Cope with "Big Feelings"

    Children have the same big feelings that adults do. Because they do not have the same experience we have coping with their emotions, they need help dealing with fear, anxiety and anger.Here are some tips:

    Name the feeling

    Help your child figure out which feeling they are having.Putting a name to it can help validate their experience.

    Normalize the feeling

    Explain that everyone has these feelings sometimes, and we all have to learn how to manage them.Assure them that adults can help them learn to manage their feelings so that no one gets hurt or into trouble.

    Practice self-regulation skills

    When children are calm, their thinking brain is on (as is true for adults). This is the best time to make a plan with them for when their "emotional brain" tries to take over.Encourage taking a break, deep breathing, releasing angry energy through exercise, listening to music, or coloring.

    Helping your child recognize and name their feelings can help them learn self-regulation skills and feel successful managing their behavior.

    State Testing Dates

    The 3rd Graders will be taking the M-STEP test this year. The test window is April 27-May 22, 2020. Please do not plan vacations during that time. Thank you in advance!

    Boosters Corner

    Want to help? Become friends with ColdwaterCardinals ElementaryBoosters on Facebook or email us at coldwatercardinalselemenboosters@gmail.com to learn more.

    Real Men Read!

    Jefferson School would like to invite you to participate in REAL MEN READ. Our goal is to have men reading and talking about the benefits of reading to our students. This could be just the thing to encourage more boys to pick up books. Boys typically read with much less proficiency and enthusiasm than girls. Since reading is such an integral part of education and life, your participation could change a life. You could be that positive change and influence in the life of a child. Share the joy of reading. Be a role model. Be a hero.

    Please contact your child's teacher or Tobi Reardon at reartl@ccscards.org or 517-279-5970 if you are interested in participating in the month of March! We thank you in advance.

    Cardinal Clubs

    Feb. 3-13: Ukulele, Hockey, Weaving, & Math games

    Feb. 17-27: Crochet, Hockey, Bead Making, & Math games

    Mar. 2-12: Crochet, Hockey, Bead Making, & Structure Creation

    ELL News

    Learning the VOCABULARY of any new language is considered to the key to understanding what students hear or read during the school day. It is very helpful for students to build their English vocabulary as quickly as possible to increase learning of both the English language and new concepts and ideas. One tip for building and English vocabulary is to try to speak English at home some point each day. It is very difficult for students to learn a new language if the language is not reinforced at home consistently. Another suggestion is to encourage your child to continue to read for pleasure in their own language and English.

    Skyward: Family Access - Did You Know...

    Families can access important information about their students through Skyward's Family Access.For example, the gradebook tab is a great way to monitor your student's learning and help support their success.Teachers can also communicate with families through Skyward.

    If you aren't already connected to Skyward's Family Access, please fill out the Parent Connect form and return it to your child’s school office to get started.

    NEW in Family Access…

    Family access has been enhanced with new features!You can now go online through Family Access to update phone numbers, view emergency contacts, add up to 10 emergency contacts, request an address change, and update a home email address. For support with Skyward, please email to parent_connect@ccscards.org, or call the Administrative Service Center at 517-279-5910 and ask for Michelle Burkhardt.

    Teacher Request Forms

    Parent teacher request forms for the 2020-2021 school year will be available in the office from March 6 to March 27. Parents must pick up forms in the office and absolutely no requests will be accepted after the 27th. We believe strongly in involving parents in the education of their child, and are happy to accept requests. However, please know teacher requests are not a guarantee your child will be placed in a certain room. Creating balanced classes that allow all children to learn is our priority. Also, please know staffing can change before school begins in the fall.

    What Families Can Do To Support Reading and Writing

    One great way you can help your student become a stronger reader is by encouraging them to write about what they read or write creative stories of their own. They can then read their own "books"! When students write and illustrate their own books they are using and reinforcing many of the same strategies they need to read fluently and with comprehension. They have to think about the sounds in words and use their high frequency words to create their own text. So if you have some scrap paper or extra notebooks around home use them to support your readers and have fun at the same time!


    • Mar. 13: Popcorn Friday
    • Mar. 14: Science Olympiad at Bronson Junior/Senior High School
    • Mar. 25: Adopt-A-Cop
    • Mar. 27: Popcorn Friday
    • Mar. 30: Bible Release, 2:05 PM
    • April 3: Half-day - dismiss at 12:05 PM
    • April 6-10: Spring Break - NO SCHOOL
    • April 14: 2nd Grade music concerts - Decker, Foulk, and Hoard at 11 AM; Benjamin, Dixon, Madden, and Redman at 2:30 PM
    • April 15: 3rd Grade music concerts - Fondren, Evans, Kotas, and Supianoski at 11 AM; Bachler, Britton, Mencke, and Welker at 2:30 PM