Right Plan, Right Time: Vote on May 6, 2015

10 Questions We Are Hearing

  • How will the bond benefit the students and community?

    • Improve the quality of the learning environment for students
    • Reduced operational costs allows for more General Fund dollars to be spent directly on students
    • Improve building safety and security with secured entrances at each school
    • Promote economic and community development by potentially attracting new students and companies
    • Potentially increase property values

    How many mills and what are the terms of the proposed bonds?

    • Proposal 1 - 2.95 mills for 25 years ($46,550,000)
    • Proposal 2 - .60 mills for 20 years ($10,060,000)

    How will my taxes be affected?

    If both bonds pass, a $50,000 taxable value home would see a $177.50 per year tax increase (less than $15 per month). Please visit the tax calculator on this page to see what other benefits you could receive on your federal and state income taxes.

    How would our millage compare to other school districts?

    • Coldwater Community Schools (currently) - 2.66 mills
    • Harper Creek Community Schools - 7.00 mills
    • Marshall Public Schools - 6.88 mills
    • Sturgis Public Schools - 8.35 mills
    • Western School District - 7.00 mills
    • Three Rivers Community Schools - 6.10 mills
    • Coldwater Community Schools with passage of Proposal 1 & 2 - 6.21 mills total

    Why did we need to build a new elementary school, auditorium and athletic facilities?

    • Lakeland is nearly 60 years old and in need of 5 million dollars in upgrades and does not meet the needs of our staff and students. The cost of these upgrades will continue to increase.
    • Eliminating travel to and from Lakeland will save nearly 44,000 miles per year on buses.
    • A 900 seat auditorium will benefit choir, band, music and drama programs. The space will also provide a venue for testing and will be a resource for the community.
    • Upgrades of athletic facilities will meet the needs of our athletes and all of our students and better serve the entire community.

    When will the new elementary school be completed?

    The elementary is scheduled to be occupied by students in January of 2018.

    What is the age of each of the schools in the district?

    • Coldwater High School - built in 1954, partially renovated in 1975, 1978, 1985, 1997
    • Legg Middle School - built in 1967, partially renovated in 2002, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
    • Lakeland Elementary - built in 1956, partially renovated in 2002, 2011
    • Jefferson Elementary - built in 1956, partially renovated in 1963, 2003
    • Max Larsen Elementary - built in 2003
    • Cardinal Field Track - resurfaced in 2006
    • Cardinal Field Press Box - built in 1984, repainted in 2006

    What will become of the Lakeland Elementary School building?

    All options for future use are being explored.

    We recently passed a Sinking Fund. Where is that money?

    The Sinking Fund, passed in 2010, has been allocated to repay past district-wide improvements.

    Why can't state aid pay for this?

    State aid funding is used for day to day operations. Bond money can only be used for new buildings, remodeling, buses, technology and whatever is approved in the proposal.

2015 Bond Proposal Documents

Last Modified on March 6, 2015