• 6th Grade Teams

    Team Quest

    Team Members: Andy Rossow (Science), Mary Ellen Snyder (Social Studies), Michelle Bloom (Resource), Lisa Worrey (Math), Heather Sobek (English & Language Arts)

    Team Spirit

    Team Members: Tina Farnham (Math), Adam Supianoski (Social Studies), Rob Iwanicki (Science), David Sherfield (English & Language Arts)

    7th Grade Teams 

    Team Victorious

    Team Members: Sherry Bean (Social Studies), Elizabeth Stahl (English & Language Arts), Mike Renshaw (Science), Jill Senyk (Math)

    Team Legacy

    Team Members: Stephanie Asher (Math), Gretchen Ennis (Resource), Andy Robinson (English & Language Arts), Ryan Brueck (Social Studies), Randy Knowles (Science)

    8th Grade Teams

    Team WDKV

    Team Members: Debra Wilkinson (Math), Anna Demlow (English & Language Arts), Toby Kirk (Social Studies), Amy VanZee (Science)

    Team Legends

    Team Members: Michelle Bender (Science), Katie Fleming (English & Language Arts), Diane Moyer (Social Studies), Jeff Qualls (Math)

    Contact information for all team members, along with the exposure teachers, counselors, and student support personnel can be found on the Staff Directory page.