Science Olympiad

  • Branch County Science Olympiad was held March 19, 2016 at Bronson Junior/Senior High School. Here are the results from all participating schools:


    • 1st Place: Zach Grines & Luke Grines, St. Charles Borromeo Elementary
    • 2nd Place: David Richards & Carter Collins, St. Charles Borromeo Elementary
    • 3rd Place: Jayla Foster, Legg Middle School
    • 4th Place: Kaleb Barker & Makaighla Wilber, Legg Middle School


    • 1st Place: Lily Evans & Kaylee Terris, Jennings Elementary
    • 2nd Place: Hayden Coan & Krystian Mailand, Pansophia Academy
    • 3rd Place: Wesley Collins & Ivo Palazzo, St. Charles Borromeo Elementary
    • 4th Place (TIE): Zoey Jent & Marissa Ducharme, Lakeland Elementary; Jaiden Hayes & Kamryn Rinkel, Ryan Elementary


    • 1st Place: Hayden Brauker & Airion Rena, Ryan Elementary
    • 2nd Place: Joshua Davies, Pansophia Academy
    • 3rd Place: Ryleigh Fee & Brealyn Lasky, Ryan Elementary
    • 4th Place: Lacie Hart & Sayler Wotta, Ryan Elementary


    • 1st Place: Logan Hamilton Lakeland Elementary
    • 2nd Place: Manny Ortiz, St. Charles Borromeo Elementary
    • 3rd Place: Breanne Rief & Brailee Wood, Quincy Middle School
    • 4th Place: Carter Collins, St. Charles Borromeo Elementary

    CALCULATOR CONTEST (3rd & 4th Grade)

    • 1st Place: Eric Rucker, Jefferson Elementary
    • 2nd Place: Jordyn VanDongen, Lakeland Elementary
    • 3rd Place: Hannah Stevens, Lakeland Elementary
    • 4th Place: Hayden Coan, Pansophia Academy

    CALCLULATOR CONTEST (5th & 6th Grade)

    • 1st Place          Ilsa Katz                      Lakeland
    • 2nd Place         Jayla Foster                Legg Middle School
    • 3rd Place          Heidi Katz                    Lakeland
    • 4th Place          Legend Szafranski      Legg Middle School

    CROSSWORD SCIENCE – 3rd & 4th

    • 1st Place          Madeline Garn            Lakeland Elementary
    • 2nd Place         Zachary Coffing          Lakeland Elementary
    •                         Sam Forrister
    • 3rd Place          Tyson Roby                 Lakeland Elementary
    •                         Jack Ruden                
    • 4th Place          Adam Mobley              Ryan Elementary
    •                         Kailyn Ross

    CROSSWORD SCIENCE – 5th & 6th

    • 1st Place          Masyn Marsh              Legg Middle School
    •                         Delaney Squires
    • 2nd Place         Emir Mora                   Ryan Elementary
    •                         Cristal Uriostegui
    • 3rd Place          Jillian McKinley          Legg Middle School
    •                         Jonathan Jones
    • 4th Place          Peyton Rollins            Bronson Junior/Senior High School
    •                         Kathleen Quimby

    EGG DROP – 3rd & 4th

    • 1st Place          Madison Shuler           Jefferson
    •                         Ella Jenkins
    • 2nd Place         Alex Richards             St. Charles
    •                         Ian Stough
    • 3rd Place          Eysha Chavez             Pansophia
    • 4th Place          Christian Boothe         Lakeland
    • Tie                   Caelan Bryne
    •                         Tyson Roby                 Lakeland
    •                         Jack Rudden

    EGG DROP- 5th & 6th

    • 1st Place          Cristal Uriostegui        Ryan
    •                         Emir Mora-Gonzalez
    • 2nd Place         Alexa Omo                  Lakeland
    •                         Brianna Omo  
    • 3rd Place          Riley Iwanicki             Quincy
    •                         Zach Luck      
    • 4th Place          Paige Roussey                       Ryan
    •                         Itzel Sanchez


    • 1st Place          Ilsa Katz                      Lakeland
    •                         Heidi Katz
    • 2nd Place         Isaac Peet                   Lakeland
    •                         Rachel Rutz
    • 3rd Place          Brodie McFarland       Lakeland
    • 4th Place          Tyler Overholt             Ryan
    •                         Xavier Coleman


    • 1st Place          Charlotte Calhoun       Lakeland
    •                         Christian Boothe        
    • 2nd Place         Zachary Perkins         Ryan
    •                         Maddie Woolf 
    • 3rd Place          Kasey Osborne           Ryan
    •                         Prisila Vargas
    • 4th Place          Macee Watson            Jennings
    •                         Sadie Miller


    • 1st Place          Makenna Hoskins       Ryan
    • 2nd Place         Sophia Andalon          St. Charles
    • 3rd Place          Paige Kirkpatrick        Legg Middle School
    • 4th Place          Paige Roussey                       Ryan


    • 1st Place          Tyler Wilber                Ryan
    •                         Carter Pish
    • 2nd Place         Harper Cummings       Jefferson        
    •                         Nora VanWagner
    • 3rd Place          Maddie Woolf              Ryan
    •                         Cervando Trujillo       
    • 4th Place          Ryleigh Fee                 Ryan
    •                         Brealyn Lasky

    LEAF & TREE FINDER – 3rd & 4th

    • 1st Place          Eric Rucker                 Jefferson
    • 2nd Place         Johnathan Tesch        Jennings
    • 3rd Place          Madelyn Walker          Ryan
    • 4th Place          Isabella Pool               St. Charles

    LEAF & TREE FINDER – 5th & 6th

    • 1st Place          Allie Welch                  Legg Middle School
    • 2nd Place         Lydia Kawiaski                       Legg Middle School
    • 3rd Place         Kaylee Wilber              Ryan
    • 4th Place         Sidney Swick              St. Mary’s


    • 1st Place          Parker Fraley              Jennings
    •                         Noah Pearson
    • 2nd Place         Sayler Wotta               Ryan
    •                         Carson Norton
    • 3rd Place          Kasey Osborne           Ryan
    •                         Prisila vargas
    • 4th Place          Lennon Swick             Jefferson
    •                         Garrett Morrell


    • 1st Place          Alexis Bethel              Legg Middle School
    •                         Carolyn Potter
    • 2nd Place         Breanne Reif               Quincy
    •                         Brailee Wood
    • 3rd Place          David Milliman                        Quincy
    •                         Brooke Iwanicki
    • 4th Place          Jackin Murray             Quincy

    MOUSETRAP VEHICLES – 3rd & 4th

    • 1st Place          Karter Pierce              Jennings
    • 2nd Place         Cervando Trujillo        Ryan
    •                         Mason Woodward      
    • 3rd Place          Ayden Jensen             Jennings
    •                         Brayden Wyant
    • 4th Place          Aiden Fill                     Ryan
    •                         Logan Long

    MOUSETRAP VEHICLES – 5th & 6th

    • 1st Place          Destinay Hart              Lakeland
    • 2nd Place         Brodie McFarland       Lakeland
    • 3rd Place          Logan Hamilton           Lakeland
    •                         Noah Scannell
    • 4th Place          Alexa Omo                  Lakeland
    •                         Brianna Omo


    • 1st Place          Ethan Parker               Lakeland
    •                         Caroline Miller
    • 2nd Place         Grady Brockway         Jennings
    • Tie                   Maya Walinski            Lakeland
    •                         Carson Snyder
    • 3rd Place          Gabby Bookmyer        St. Charles
    •                         Alex Richards
    • 4th Place          Jacob Britten              Ryan
    •                         Carson Norton

    NAME THE SCIENTIST – 3rd & 4th

    • 1st Place          Brealyn Lasky            Ryan
    • 2nd Place         Eric Rucker                 Jefferson
    • 3rd Place          Wesley Collins                        St. Charles
    •                         Ivo Palazzo    
    • 4th Place          Mackenzie Scheid      Lakeland

    NAME THE SCIENTIST – 5th & 6th

    • 1st Place          Lauren Shortridge       Ryan
    • 2nd Place         Peyton Rolling            Bronson High School
    • 3rd Place          Chase Lieby                Lakeland
    • 4th Place          Asia Homan                Legg Middle School


    • 1st Place          Aiden Bunker              Ryan
    •                         Neil Mullins
    • 2nd Place         Michael Wendorf         Quincy
    •                         Drew Barrett
    • 3rd Place          Braiden Mosher          Quincy
    •                         Michael Daniels         
    • 4th Place          Darren Craig               Quincy
    •                         Aaron Bloom


    • 1st Place         Kaylee Wilber             Ryan
    •                         Lauren Shortridge
    • 2nd Place         Dominyk Risk             Legg Middle School
    •                         Lexi Galliers
    •                         Lydia Kaniewski
    • 3rd Place          Katie Kimble               Legg Middle School
    •                         Sophia Johnson
    • 4th Place          Delaney Squires         Legg Middle School
    •                         Masyn Marsh


    • 1st Place          Adam Mobley              Ryan
    • 2nd Place         Nakota Dayton            Jennings
    • 3rd Place          Sam Larr                                 St. Charles     
    • Tie                   Ian Broom                   Ryan
    •                         Skylar Danbury           Ryan
    •                         Hazel Craig                 Jennings
    •                         Kaitlyn Coger              Ryan
    •                         Aurora Hammill           Jennings
    • 4th Place          Skylar Smith               Ryan
    • Tie                   Sami Hollenbaugh      Jennings
    •                         Brady Massey             St. Charles
    •                         Alex Crabtree              Jefferson

    STARRY, STARRY NIGHT – 3rd & 4th

    • 1st Place         Anderson Welker        Jefferson
    •                         Garrett Gruner
    • 2nd Place         Natalee Wilson                        Lakeland
    •                         Hannah Stevens
    • 3rd Place          Jordyn VanDongen     Lakeland
    • 4th Place          Noah Pearson             Jennings

    STARRY, STARRY NIGHT – 5th & 6th

    • 1st Place          Carolyn Potter             Legg Middle School
    •                         Alexis Bethel
    • 2nd Place         Allie Welch                  Legg Middle School
    • 3rd Place          Legend Szafranski      Legg Middle School
    •                         Jayla Foster
    • 4th Place          Kaleb Barker               Legg Middle School
    •                         Makaighla Wilber


    • 1st Place          Makenzie Hawes         Pansophia
    • 2nd Place         Brianna Barle              St. Charles
    •                         Josie Mescher
    • 3rd Place          Logan Stritzinger        St. Charles
    •                         Sal Barone
    • 4th Place          Tyler Wilber                Ryan
    •                         Carter Pish


    • 1st Place         Danica Swift                Jennings
    • 2nd Place         Clair Roberts               Jefferson
    •                         Zoie Wohlgmuth         
    • 3rd Place          Hunter Smith               Jefferson
    • 4th Place          Ethan Parker               Lakeland
    •                         Caroline Miller


    • 1st Place          Idalia Hernandez         St. Mary’s Assumption School
    •                         Sydney Swick
    • 2nd Place         Brady Mescher                       St. Charles Borromeo Elementary
    •                         Luke Bailey
    • 3rd Place          Liam VanWagner        Lakeland Elementary
    •                         Bryan Alcanter
    • 4th Place          Ryan Sturgeon                        Legg Middle School
    •                         Chance Cook

    WHAT WENT BY – 3rd & 4th

    • 1st Place: Krystian Mailand, Pansophia Academy
    • 2nd Place: Jack Ruden & Tyson Roby, Lakeland Elementary
    • 3rd Place: Mason Himebaugh & Brady Rees, Ryan Elementary
    • 4th Place: Joshua Davies, Pansophia Academy

    WHAT WENT BY – 5th & 6th

    • 1st Place          Carter Baker               Legg Middle School
    • 2nd Place         Delilah Chatfield         Quincy
    • 3rd Place          Allie Welch                  Legg Middle School
    • 4th Place          Sam Thorne                Pansophia
    •                         Chase Rubley


    • 1st Place          Sophia Johnson          Legg Middle School
    •                         Katie Kimble
    • 2nd Place         Jasmine Gerwig         Legg Middle School
    •                         Paige Kirkpatrick
    • 3rd Place          Bethany Pavlov          St. Charles
    •                         Rylee Rice
    • 4th Place          Chase Rubley             Pansophia
    •                         Sam Thorne