• Available Extra-Curricular Activities at CHS

    Class Council and Advisors

    The Class Councils are responsible for organizing and running all class activities throughout the school year.

    • 2024: Mrs. Heaton (Rm. 105) and Mrs. Simonds (Rm. 200)
    • 2025: Mrs. Foley (Athletic Office) and Mrs. Moore (Rm. 222)
    • 2026: Ms. Hoorman (Gym)
    • 2027: Mrs. Timar (Rm. 146)

    Art Club

    Art Club will learn different mediums of art. They will work on a digital portfolio to keep track of work. Students will be participating in one community project, and a school-wide project. Art club is a place where students can practice the arts and hone their individual skills. From mixed medium to water color and traditional oil painting, high school students can find where their unique talents lie and explore new avenues of enrichment and expression. This club meets after school from 2:50-3:50 PM on a specific day of the week that works for the majority of the club members.

    Advisor: Mrs. Wilbur (Rm. 226)


    Astra is sponsored by the local Altrusa Club of Branch County as part of their program of community service. Astra's motto is “Growing in Service”. Astra's goals are to provide opportunities for personal development, career planning and preparation, leadership training, and citizenship development. Programs to assist the community held during the school year:

    • Gowns for Gals and Ties for Guys: providing gently used gowns, suits/tuxedos and ties for Snowball and Prom
    • Happy Feet: assisting the Altrusa club with providing new shoes and boots for the children of Branch County.
    • International Exchange Reception: hosting a reception for the Exchange Students attending CHS.

    This club meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 7:20 AM in the CHS Library..

    Advisor: Mrs. Storrs (Rm. 170)

    Baking Club

    Do you love to bake or would you like to learn how?  Then the Baking Club is just right for you.  Members will expand their knowledge about baking including food preparation, food safety, and proper baking techniques while creating delicious edible treats for students,  the school, and the community.  Students will bake their creations in person after school monthly in room 106 under the supervision and direction of Ms. Papineau.  The possibilities are endless and the delectable delights will be amazing.  Come learn to bake - it is a lifelong skill.

    Advisor: Ms. Papineau (Rm. 132)


    Students audition in the spring of the preceding school year to belong to this elite vocal group that meets once a week in the evening. Balladiers perform all throughout the community and at District and State Vocal Festivals. Students must be enrolled in a music class during the day to audition for this advanced vocal group.

    Advisor: Dr. Simmons (Rm. 218)

    Cultural Appreciation Club

    The purpose of this club is to explore ideas and cultures that we are familiar with and to learn about those we are not. We hope to promote a better understanding of all cultures and create a collective appreciation of them. We hope to be able to do this in the surrounding community through programs, special events and collaborations with other organizations. The club will organize and carry out educational, social, and recreational cultural events at CHS and serve as a resource for diversity. Club meetings will be announced and posted.

    Advisor: New Advisor Needed

    Game Club

    Students in all grades and levels of skill are welcome to play various board and card games as selected by those in the group. We will meet on Thursdays after school in Rm. 121. If there is an interest in a chess-specific group, Mr. Hostetler can help coordinate those players.

    Advisor: Mr. Hostetler (Rm. 174)


    Interact is a service club sponsored by the Rotary Club with the goal to promote the idea of service to our local community and to open young people's minds to the world in which we live. Interact is open to students in grades 10-12. See Ms. Davis in May to sign up for the next school year. Interact meets every other Thursday at 7:20 AM in the CHS Library.

    Advisor: Ms. Davis (Rm. 202)

    National Honor Society

    Membership in the NHS is by invitation only. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better are invited to apply. Applicants are then evaluated based upon the staff's rating of their scholarship, character, leadership and service.

    Advisor: Mr. Stevens (Rm. 148)

    Powerlifting Club

    This club will be forming for the first time in the fall of 2023 so look for updated information in the fall.

    Advisor: Mr. DeMeester (Rm. 156)

    Quiz Bowl

    The Quiz Bowl club for CHS meets after school in Rm. 158. Students should listen to announcement reminders of the meeting dates and all students are invited to attend and participate during any meeting.

    Advisor: Mr. Fishell (Rm. 158)

    Safe Space

    Safe Space helps to foster an inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students, and their allies here at CHS. The club will help develop and support inclusive understanding of gender and sexuality, as well as foster a community that is open, safe, and supportive. Safe Space will also provide educational opportunities, advocacy, and programming for students, faculty, and staff. Meetings will be posted in the announcements.

    Advisor: Mrs. Wulliman and Mrs. Fisher (CHS Library)

    School Musical

    Students audition in the fall of the preceding school year for a role in the spring CHS musical. All students are invited to help "behind the scenes".

    Advisors: Mrs. Rucker and Ms. Sellers (Rm. 134)

    Student Council

    Student Council is the "Student Government Body" of CHS, a.k.a. "The Voice of the Students". This group organizes a variety of events throughout the school year. It is a 28-member group consisting of four elected Student Council officers and six elected Student Council Representatives from each grade. The meetings are held Tuesdays before school in Ms. Kiss's room.

    Advisor: Ms. Kiss (Rm. 142)

    Team Green

    Team Green is designed by the students to bring environmental issues to CHS. The students hope to educate students and begin programs here that will help the environment. Enrollment is simple: attend the Thursday after-school meetings.

    Advisor: Mr. Kelly (Rm. 168)

    Yoga Club

    The CHS Yoga Club is an All-Female yoga club dedicated to the art of yoga. We practice poses while learning about the practices of yoga and how yoga can be used to manage stress, improve the mind-body connection, and increase strength and flexibility. No prior yoga experience is necessary. Look for meeting dates in the announcements and wear comfortable clothing! Participants will learn the basic yoga poses, healthy alignment, and yogic breathing.

    Advisor: Mrs. Wilbur (Rm. 226)

    Youth Engaged in Prevention (YEP)

    YEP is sponsored by the ProMedica Coldwater Regional Hospital. These students meet to help coordinate school-wide awareness programs and events that help promote healthy choices. They coordinate Red Ribbon Week, Safe Driving Awareness, Hoops for Hope to support suicide prevention, Teens Against Tobacco, and multiple other events in the school and community. This was formerly the SADD club at CHS.

    Advisors: Mrs. Hills (Clinic)

    Youth In Government

    YIG is designed to promote civic understanding, public speaking, and leadership skills. Students stage simulations of the Michigan state government and compete in Mock Trials. Students may also campaign for elected offices and follow bills until they become a law during the three-day spring conference. All students are welcome, no previous experience necessary.

    Advisor: Mr. Stevens (Rm. 148)

    Athletic Programs

    The following sports/clubs are available during the school year:

    • Fall
      • Football (Varsity & JV)
      • Sideline Cheer (Varsity & JV)
      • Volleyball (Varsity, JV, & Freshman)
      • Boys Soccer (Varsity & JV)
      • Cross Country (Co-Ed Varsity)
      • Boys Tennis (Varsity & JV)
      • Girls Golf (Varsity & JV)
      • Girls Swimming & Diving (Varsity)
      • Equestrian (Club)
    • Winter
      • Boys Basketball (Varsity, JV, & Freshman)
      • Girls Basketball (Varsity, JV, & Freshman)
      • Competitive Cheer (Varsity)
      • Wrestling (Varsity & JV)
      • Gymnastics (Varsity)
      • Bowling (Boys & Girls, Varsity & JV)
      • Boys Swimming & Diving (Varsity)
    • Spring
      • Baseball (Varsity & JV)
      • Softball (Varsity & JV)
      • Girls Soccer (Varsity & JV)
      • Track & Field (Co-Ed Varsity & JV)
      • Boys Golf (Varsity & JV)
      • Girls Tennis (Varsity & JV)
    • Club Athletic Activities at CHS
      • Equestrian Club - competes in the fall each year, not an official CHS Athletic Team
Last Modified on June 6, 2023