New Curbside Pickup Procedure

Overhead view of Max Larsen Elementary's new curbside pinup procedure.
  • To assist in school safety during Max Larsen's dismissal procedures, we've developed curbside pick-up procedures whereby parents picking up students will not exit their vehicles. Cars lining up to pick up students will prepare to enter the school's front drive from Parkhurst Avenue and form a line along the curb on the south side of the street towards the west - coming from the direction of Coldwater High School - being careful not to block the bus lane and neighboring church entryways.

    Families shall place name placards on the passenger-side of the vehicle's dashboard to ensure they are clearly displayed and easily visible from the curb. Some placards will also display a sticker. Please do not remove these stickers as they pertain to special situations (shuttle bus students, etc.).

    A staff member will write names of car riders down in the order they've arrived & will radio into the school with each family's name as their car is pulling into the loading area, marked by safety cones numbered 1-8. Upon entering the front drive, staff will display a number to the driver(s) designating the numbered safety cone to which the vehicle should proceed for pick-up.

    Car riders will be brought to the cafeteria by staff by 3:50 PM to sit quietly until their names are called. Staff will begin loading students into vehicles on the front/north side of the building as soon as students in the first group (1-8) arrive in the cafeteria. When student(s) are safely loaded, cars will proceed to the right and exit the east lot to the right, heading south on to Grand Avenue. Families are reminded to ensure safety belts/buckles are secured prior to entering the street, especially for students unable to buckle themselves.

    If families also need to pick up a shuttle bus student, they will turn left into the north lot to park and walk to the shuttle drop-off area. Those shuttle students that arrive prior to their Max Larsen siblings being picked up, will be asked to walk to the student pick-up area to enter the vehicle when it stops at the designated cone. Once the routine is in place, students not picked up by 4:10 PM will need the adult to come into the building to pick them up.

    Be sure to contact the school if you need additional information or still have questions. Thanks for your support and patience as we work together to keep everyone safe!