About CHS Athletics

  • Interstate 8 Athletic Conference Coldwater High School has a long and rich tradition of athletic participation throughout the state of Michigan. Winning accolades with state championships in such sports as boys basketball, boys and girls golf, and girls bowling, along with numerous individuals who have garnered All-State recognition, Coldwater High School has been a leader in athletic excellence. As a member of the Interstate 8 Athletic Conference (I-8), Coldwater fields a number of athletic teams for both boys and girls. Our coaching staff comprises a number of dedicated individuals who have earned recognition throughout the state for their coaching skills. We strive to provide the best atmosphere for our young men and women to compete in. This site is meant to provide the parent, fan, or interested person information about our athletic program.

    State Championships

    • 1930: Detroit Free Press Class B Football
    • 1949: MHSAA Class B Boys Basketball
    • 1994: MHSAA Class B Lower Peninsula Boys Golf
    • 1999: MHSAA Division 2 Lower Peninsula Girls Golf
    • 2000: MHSAA Division 2 Lower Peninsula Girls Golf
    • 2001: MHSAA Division 2 Lower Peninsula Girls Golf
    • 2005: MHSAA Class B Girls Bowling
    • 2006: MHSAA Division 2 Girls Bowling
    • 2007: MHSAA Division 2 Girls Bowling
    • 2018: MHSAA Division 2 Lower Peninsula Track & Field

    Fight Song: Cardinal Loyalty

    Sung to the melody of "Illinois Loyalty"

    We're loyal to you CHS,
    We're fighting for you CHS,
    We'll back you to stand against the best in the land
    For we know you have sand CHS - Rah, Rah,
    So smash the blockade, CHS,
    Go dashing ahead CHS,
    Our team is our main protector,
    On boys, for we expect a victory from you CHS.
    Fling out the dear old flag, the red and the white,
    For you we'll always fight with all our might.
    And when our team goes out there ready to fight,
    We'll yell for our high school, Os-kee-wa-wa!
    We have a school that's quite the best in the land,
    For honest learning and for labor we stand,
    And unto you we pledge our heart and hand,
    Dear CHS, we're all for you. FIGHT!!

    "Loyalty" by John Keeslar

    I am over 100 years old
    I am red and white
    I have known thousands of young men and women
    like you
    I am loyalty
    I am the reason your hearts beat a little faster
    when the band strikes up my song
    I am the reason a lump comes to your throat when
    the team takes the field, court or diamond
    I am the ringing of the victory bell
    I am pep assemblies
    I am the 6th man in the winter, the 12th man in the fall,
    the 10th man in the spring
    I walk the halls of Coldwater High
    I have seen the good times and the bad
    I was there in 1930, I was there in 1949,
    I was there in 1973, I was there in 1976
    I have seen my sons and daughters go to great
    universities, to work, to war
    I remember the greatest names and the least of my
    flocks of loyal cardinals
    I have won
    I have lost but
    I have never been ashamed
    I have stood with the giants
    in the past
    I stand with you today
    I am yours, you are mine
    I am the cardinal spirit.