• The Coldwater Community Schools Transportation Department

    The Coldwater Community Schools Transportation Department strives to keep your children save while transporting them to and from school.

    Transportation Supervisor: Holli Muckel
    Address: 180 Green St., Coldwater, MI 49036
    Phone: 517-279-5950
    Fax: 517-278-6289


    Coldwater Community Schools needs to create uniform walking areas. The walk areas created will provide uniformity of distance for all elementary students. These areas will not allow a student to walk more than ½ mile to a school or group bus stop, which conforms to state law.

    In the spring the district held budget forums and covered many different areas of potential savings. With the financial dilemma facing all school districts in the state we as a district need to do all we can to help. We are asking students to walk to their neighborhood school. Students who do not attend their neighborhood school will be picked up and transported to the school they attend. This option will be at each elementary site. By now you are wondering how does this affect my child? Any student attending Legg Middle School or Coldwater High School that lives within 1½ miles of those buildings will not be provided transportation. Many parents already transport students to school. This change will not impact them.

    Safety is always an important consideration in our decision making process. The district, along with the Coldwater Department of Public Safety, will provide a crossing guard at the corner of Marshall and Liberty Streets. The crossing guard will be in service from 8-9am and 3:45-4:30pm.

    We have areas where limited group stops have been created. Contact will be made with the parents of the students by the bus drivers providing information on the designated stops for the student's pick up and drop off times, as well as bus numbers. We have enclosed the new walk areas for the elementary schools. If you have any questions please call the Transportation office at 517-279-5950.

    The District will provide group stops at following buildings:

    • Max Larsen
    • Jefferson
    • Lincoln
    • Fremont Street Early Childhood Center (former Franklin School)
    • Former Washington School building

    Lincoln walk area:

    • Pearl Street and south
    • Eastside of and east of Division Street
    • Sprague Street and west
    • North of Garfield Avenue

    Max Larsen area:

    • Chicago Street and north
    • South of State Street
    • Hatch Avenue and east
    • Jefferson Street and west

    Jefferson area:

    • Chicago Street and north
    • Michigan Avenue and west
    • Smith Street and south
    • Daugherty Street and East