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Eat Breakfast At School!

Parents know the importance of a healthy breakfast in getting their kids off to the right start. But mornings at home are more rushed than ever. Mornings can be really crazy...the alarm doesn't go off...the kids don't want to get up...there's no time to eat breakfast before the bus comes...or they're just not ready to eat. If this sounds like your house, we have good news for you. Coldwater Community Schools offers a balanced breakfast each morning that helps kids pay attention and be ready to learn. School breakfast is a simple option for busy families.

Children who eat a healthy breakfast are more alert and achieve better academically. When children are successful in school, they help grow the economy and build a stronger community. Eating breakfast at school is an efficient, simple way for children to have a healthy start to their day.

Breakfast at your elementary school is FREE. You can't find another healthy breakfast at such a low cost anywhere else. There is only 1 free breakfast per child each day and a second breakfast will cost you $1.35.

Lakeland breakfast runs from 8:15-8:35 AM, with hot breakfast being served on Tuesday and Thursday. Starting at 8:15 AM, late arriving students can take a bagged cold breakfast to the classroom with them.

Help your child start the day right with school breakfast!