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Pool Operations Update #5

We are currently experiencing a staffing shortage. We will be reducing our hours to accommodate this. At this time we hope to limit the week to week random closures due to short staffing but they still may occur. We will do our best to know these times in advance but it may arise last minute and require us to contact you for rescheduling of swim times. Please take a moment on your next visit and verify the front desk has good contact information for you. We are happy to text, email, or call and will use all of these options when trying to contact you if something should arise.

Within that we are currently taking the names of anyone interested in taking a lifeguard class. Currently we need all shifts (evenings, weekends when they return, and day guards). If you have a current lifeguard certification and are interested in employment please reach out ASAP. We offer very flexible schedules to work around other jobs, school, and other commitments.

Our new hours starting February 1 will be:


7 AM-3 PM & 5-7 PM

Closed Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

We also have finally been able to enter in to the high school winter season for boys. There will be dates that we will be closed in the evening due to home meets. These may be subject to change not only due to the pandemic but Michigan weather.

Speaking on weather, with the advancement of online learning we do not know what the future of "Snow Days"may look like. Until this point, we have always followed the district as a whole for this. We will continue to do that, but if the issue should arise on a day that is designated already as a digital day, we will make every effort to contact local radio as well as personally reach out to anyone that is scheduled in to swim that day.

As a reminder, all inactive memberships are frozen and will remain so until the day of a member's actual first reserved visit. Memberships can be refrozen at any time, but the minimum length of freezing will be 3 weeks.

We are excited to see some good things happening here at the pool. The warm water pool will be back for reservations on Monday, Feb 1. The CHS Boys season is underway. We are now allowing 16+ year olds to come work out without a guardian. We look forward to continuing to move forward.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

Please take note of our updated guidelines.