2022-23 Student Handbook

NOTE: With the increase of personal communication devices (PCDs) that students continue to bring with them each day to CHS, we wanted to make sure students and parents take note of the expectations we have here at CHS. With personal property being able to be secured in the new lockers being placed in the halls of CHS, students will be required to keep their personal communication devices (PCDs) in their lockers during the school day, but they may access and use them in the cafeteria during their designated lunch period. This expectation is in place to help keep the focus of students on their learning in the classroom and to not be distracted by messages, updates, or notifications.  Students and parents should also be aware that the description of PCDs has been updated and expanded to include Smart Watches.   

We appreciate the students and parents' cooperation with following this expectation.

2022-2023 CHS Handbook.pdf, 816.38 KB; (Last Modified on August 3, 2022)