COVID-19 Dashboard

Coldwater Community Schools has been notified of the following School Associated Cases of COVID-19. A "School Associated Case" means a confirmed case of COVID-19 amongst students, teachers, staff members, coaches, volunteers, or any other person who was present on school property, or at a school function under circumstances that may result in the transmission or contraction of COVID-19 during the infectious period.

This public notice is being provided in accordance with MDHHS Emergency Order Under MCL 333.2253 – Reporting of Confirmed and Probable Cases of COVID-19 at Schools. NOTE: The referenced Emergency Order was rescinded effective March 11, 2022, and no further notice will be issued.

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COVID-19 Reporting 2021-22 : Daily Summary

COVID-19 Safety Guidance and Mitigation Strategies for the 2021-22 School Year